Elastic Stack for beginners

The Stack itself

Built on an open source foundation, the Elastic Stack lets you reliably and securely take data from any source, in any format, and search, analyze, and visualize it in real time.

Stack Components

Get Started in the Cloud

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The Heart of the Elastic Stack

Elasticsearch is a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine capable of solving a growing number of use cases. As the heart of the Elastic Stack, it centrally stores your data so you can discover the expected and uncover the unexpected.

BeatsLightweight Data Shippers

Beats is the platform for single-purpose data shippers. They install as lightweight agents and send data from hundreds or thousands of machines to Logstash or Elasticsearch.

LogstashCentralize, Transform & Stash Your Data

Logstash is an open source, server-side data processing pipeline that ingests data from a multitude of sources simultaneously, transforms it, and then sends it to your favorite “stash.” (Ours is Elasticsearch, naturally.)

KibanaYour Window into the Elastic Stack

Kibana lets you visualize your Elasticsearch data and navigate the Elastic Stack, so you can do anything from learning why you’re getting paged at 2:00 a.m. to understanding the impact rain might have on your quarterly numbers.

ELK infographic

Stack Features

From enterprise-grade security and developer-friendly APIs to machine learning, and graph analytics, the Elastic Stack ships with features (formerly packaged as X-Pack) made and maintained by us to be enjoyed by you.

Elastic Solutions

Do you just want to tail a log file? Or know which IP addresses to block? Or index a million documents for fast search? Here are just a few ways the Elastic Stack comes together for you.

All of this you see at OpenFest.org, last week of October.

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